You have to pay the entire amount immediately when booking the SPNKD playroom. The booking amount is charged to your credit card. All bookings are confirmed by email.

You'll receive the address of the SPNKD playroom after booking.


Free cancellation up to 20 days before arrival.
19-11 days before arrival 50% of the booking amount.
Cancellation later than 10 days prior to arrival will be charged 100% of the booking amount.

Cleaning fees, deposit and other optinional orders will be fully refunded upon cancellation.


The SPNKD Playroom is a non-smoking area. Smoking is only permitted in the outdoor patio on the premises.

Please give notice immediately if something is not functioning as expected in the SPNKD playroom or the rest of the premises during your stay. You are obliged to reimburse the costs of any damage caused by you as renter, any other group member, or any other person invited by you.

Only adults (18+) are allowed in the SPNKD playroom. 

Please take note that prostitution is illegal in Belgium and isn't tolerated by SPNKD.

If you bring other guests into the SPNKD playroom, you will be charged for housing additional guests.

Distribution of images

By accepting the general policies you agree to not distribute any images taken at the SPNKD playroom without written permission of SPNKD.