A Kinky night for those who want to explore, uncover or display.

Whether you live in your own Kink world, or like to share your beautiful games, you are all very welcome to join our SPNKD Party & Play.

This is the night to create your own storyline worth remembering.

Because we always behave, but just not always necessarily well.


For couples who like to experience their Kink in a luxurious environment

Only on invitation (max. 8 couples). 



Classy & sexy.

Lingerie & Suits.



@ SPNKD Playroom 

The address will be shared as soon as the invitation is in your mailbox.

 The party will start at 21:00.
Doors open at 20:30.

Please note that doors will be closing at 21:30.



€150 per couple. (+€75 if you’d like to bring an extra +1, let us know)

Drinks and bites are included.




Yes we want to party but we also want to connect with others who have the same kinky preferences. Therefore we ask you to send us some information about yourself.


Register for the party by clicking this button below,

fill in a few questions, and it’s done!

Already filled in the form before?
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 Just send us a message to participate.

You will be contacted as soon as we have the final guest list.

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At SPNKD we be believe that BDSM should be experienced in a well thought, stylish and classy way. Organising small intimate events with carefully selected likeminded people will extend the atmosphere we already have at SPNKD. 

But be aware, this isn't just another party... you might get involved in some very kinky acts. 


To preserve a safe environment for personal exploration, all guests are requested to treat everyone with dignity and respect. The golden rule at SPNKD is consent, we always ask before we touch. To encourage freedom of expression and to protect the privacy of everyone, photography of any kind is strictly prohibited.

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